RTB.e series – Rectifier Battery Charger

The RTB.e system is a heavy duty industrial rectifier-battery charger, designed to supply critical dc loads and to recharge any type of battery (Ni-Cd, Pb-acid, sealed Pb).

Development of the system took into account the requirements of our customers and the experience acquired by Borri over more than 70 years of activity in the area of power conversion technology.

The RTB.e system is based on a 6-pulse or 12-pulse thyristor bridge controlled by a microprocessor.

The system is provided with a digital mimic control panel, displaying the operational status of the equipment (signals, alarms, meters, history events). Serial interfaces are available for remote control of the system. Upon request supervision application software is available for monitoring via PC.

Product Features

  • 6 pulse or 12-pulse thyristors rectifier bridge
  • Full set of battery charging methods
  • 110/220 Vdc output (other as option), 50A to 1000A
  • 400Vac 3ph 50Hz input (other as option)
  • Microprocessor control
  • LCD multifunctional mimic panel
  • Software for remote monitoring
  • Input Threephase
  • Output Vcc