E2001.e Series UPS

Single Phase

Online Double Conversion UPS

The E2001.e UPS series is designed to offer a cost effective product with the most advanced technology in industrial power supply applications.

The E2001.e system is an online double conversion Unit, designed to protect ac loads from any disturbances from the ac mains power supply.

The E2001.e UPS is fully compatible with all types of batteries (vented or sealed; lead acid or Ni-Cd) The power conversion to ac stabilized voltage is monitored by means of IGBT modules, assuring high performance in terms of efficiency, harmonic distortion and voltage stability. The modular and flexible design allows easy configuration of the system according to the customer technical requirements.

The system is provided with a digital mimic control panel, displaying the operational status of the equipment (signals, alarms, meters, history events). Serial interfaces are available for remote control of the UPS.

Upon request supervision application software is available for monitoring via PC.

Product Information

  • IGBT power conversion bridge
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Microprocessor control
  • LCD multifunctional mimic panel
  • Software for remote monitoring
  • 110/220/400 Vdc Battery voltage
  • 5kVA to 100kVA
  • 115/230 Vca 1ph 50Hz output (other as option)
  • 400 Vac 3ph 50Hz input (other as option)