Borri Industrial UPS Systems

To cover both short-term disturbances and general power failures, the most sensible and practical solution is the Uninterruptible Power Supply. This type of equipment produces its own output power by using either the incoming mains or storage batteries; the transition between the two is made without disturbance to the load. The Unit also acts as a permanently connected, high grade power conditioner between the load and the raw incoming mains to prevent any form of fluctuations, transients or other disturbance from affecting the critical load.

Borri offers cost-effective Industrial UPS Systems and Industrial Solutions proven in the hardest of operating conditions, which are based on AC and DC UPS’s and batteries, that are primarily designed to meet requirements for applications in the:

  • Oil and Gas, Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Transportation
  • Process industries

When choosing an Uninterruptible Power Supply you must know what is the right capacity for your indutrial, Commercial application. This maybe concidered a simple thing to remember but the reality of making the right choice depends on you providing the correct knowledge and the understanding of your site’s load and its other characteristics.

These UPS’s ensure quality power supplies for pumps, control devices (SCADA and DCS), fire-fighting equipment, emergency lighting, air conditioning and other essential equipment. As the order is received, a project-oriented team is in charge of the job. The project management covers all the job phases:

  • Technical and economical proposal
  • System Engineering
  • Project documentation
  • Expediting and inspections during manufacturing
  • Witness tests
  • Worldwide supervision for commissioning and start-up (engineer licences available for off-shore service activities).

Main requirements for those applications are:

  • Industrial layout with full front access for very easy maintenance
  • Different DC and AC voltages (typically 220/125/110 VDC battery voltage, 220/120/110 VAC output voltage, 50/60Hz)
  • High capability of custom user interface (displays, mimics, meters, lamps, relays, transducers)
  • High capability of integration (distribution panel, isolation transformer, voltage stabiliser, harmonic reduction, higher IP, entry cable)

Rectifiers and Inverters are an integral part of a UPS configuration. Our industrial UPS product range includes:

RCB.e Compact

IMB.e Series

RTB.e Series

E2001.e Series