Fixed Energy Analysers

Circutor’s CVM MINI and the CVM NRG96 are our best selling instruments for Din mounting and panel mounting respectively.

The M5 CVM series of analyzers includes highly accurate metering stations that are aimed at the control and supervision of the main electrical parameters in three or four wire, low and high voltage, single and/or three phase grids. In addition they offer the most innovative technologies and offer metering in true root mean square. Its direct current outputs use ITF technologies in the  …/5A secondary or …/1A or efficient transformers MC1 and MC3…/250mA secondary: galvanic insulation protection inputs.


Circutor’s Electrical Energy Efficiency software is currently called PowerStudio and encompasses all of the tools needed to manage your control equipment from electricity, gas and water meters to reactive energy compensation systems and powerful network analysers. PowerStudio is a simple, powerful and user-friendly software application, enabling:

  • Complete energy studies
  • Production ratios (energy consumption per unit produced)
  • Power quality
  • Arrangement of the information obtained in graphic and table format.

It enables complete energy monitoring of power analysers, meters, earth leakages and total control of various magnitudes in the industrial process field. PowerStudio, in conjunction with CIRCUTOR equipment and systems, adapts to your particular needs by providing tools for the supervision and control of your installations.