Active Filters

We offer the ideal solution for installations with a large quantity of single and three-phase loads that generate harmonics, such as computers, UPS, lights, lifting units, air-conditioning systems with speed controllers.

AFQ multifunction parallel active filters are the complete solution to solve those quality problems caused in both industrial and commercial facilities, not only by harmonics but also for current unbalance, and reactive power consumption.

Features Include :

  • Reduction of harmonics currents up to the 50th order (2500 Hz). User-selection of harmonic frequencies to be filtered for a higher efficiency.
  • Correction of unbalanced current consumption in each phase of the power system.
  • Reactive power compensation. Either lagging currents (inductive) or leading currents (capacitive).

These filters offer a configurable solution to optimise the filter use as the installation requires. Call us to discuss your specific needs and questions at 01-8381188.